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Fitness is a gift thats available for absolutely everyone to enjoy, whether it’s running a marathon, 10k race or a mud run with friends or simply hitting the gym to lift a few weights, it’s something people of all ages should be able to enjoy and the long term health benefits speak for themselves.

The only downside to getting into fitness means it can be fairly costly, the average gym membership is around £45 per month plus a new set of activewear can set you back even further with the average outfit costing upwards of £70. Uventure Activewear is a brand that aim’s to change the way we train, with an extensive range of premium activewear available that’s designed to flatter your physique you can shop the latest styles for both men’s, women’s and children’s without breaking the bank.


The average price of a Uventure outfit cost’s just £40 and we’re keen to promote the price tag doesn’t reflect the quality. The products throughout all ranges we provide have been designed and constructed with quality in mind, all of our ranges have been carefully designed to offer outstanding performance and a superior fit.


All items have been designed with a fairly simple, minimalistic design so they’re perfect to wear throughout training sessions or simply out and about on a well earned rest day.

The Uventure brand is one that’s stemmed from a family run business so naturally it’s one that cares. Our directors have always been keen to create a company that put’s both it’s employees and customers at the heart of the company and have a hands on style in order to make sure the company runs smoothly on a daily basis.


Coming from a working class background they understand the frustrations of working in a poorly managed environment and are keen to create a brand that offers quality and affordability plus an atmosphere within the workplace that ensures all employees of the Uventure brand are productive but actually enjoy the work they carry out on a day to day basis and have fun at the same time. 

As a result our employees have brought into the brand and care about it as much as our directors and take great pride in carrying out their day to day work which involves answering customer queries, maintaining a great response rate, hand wrapping each garment and carefully checking it before dispatch to ensure we maintain our high standards. 

Our team all have an active interest in fitness which is why we’re always looking for ways in which to improve the lives of our customers when they’re taking part in fitness sessions. That’s why you’ll find items such as the Squat proof hope leggings to prevent unnecessary exposure when you need it least, or our latest seamless collection that lets you train in maximum comfort. 

We hope you can shop with us soon to become part of the brand.

After seeing the recent Blue Planet documentaries that aired on BBC by the great David Attenborough we’ve made the big decision to ditch plastic completely.


The devastation it causes to our planets wildlife around the world is catastrophic and we believe we should be contributing to help maintain the natural wonders of this world so it safeguards the wildlife within it and our future generation. 

We now ensure all items packaged at our warehouse are supplied to you in recyclable packaging, which means when you shop with us, you're helping to contribute reduce the plastic waste we find destroying our seas and harming the wildlife around the world.